Posted by: Book Addict

This post starts off with a highly recommended website that all aspiring authors should bookmark immediately! AgentQuery is devoted to connecting unpublished authors with literary agents. This service is free, and even boasts testimonials from newly published authors. Ever heard of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod? Heather Brewster found her agent using AgentQuery. Some of the site features include: How To Write a Query, How To Publish an eBook, Information about Major Publishers, and Conference/Seminar schedules. Stop by, sign up, and take advantage of a treasure trove of information, all in one place.

Now that I've pointed you in the right direction to finding your agent, you should know what NOT to do in your query letter. Don't worry. Fiction Groupie has an excellent post with 13 tips. This wisdom was garnered at the DFW Writer's Conference by romance novelist Roni Loren. (Whose debut novel, Crash Into You, comes out February 2012.) Some of these tips seemed common sense to me, but others made me stop and say 'Huh'.

Are you a writer who has been looking for an agent? Do you have experience with query letters? Any insight, tips, or links can be shared in the comments section below.