In honor of the super exciting news that Sherrilyn Kenyon recently announced (insert fan girl squee!!!), the Dark Hunters Series are up next in our Casting Call. If you missed the big news, check out this YouTube video:
As all DH fans are aware, there are a TON of characters. So we picked 5 women and 5 men to get the ball rolling. This Casting Call is going to have a slightly different format - we've chosen our top 3 picks for each character in the form of a picture poll. Choose which one of ours you like the best AND then comment below with your own choice. Be sure you include a link to their picture so everyone knows who you're talking about. Let's keep this fun and try to respect that everyone has a different opinion.
((Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with Ms. Kenyon, her work, her upcoming TV Show, Movie etc.))

Remember: Have fun casting YOUR favorite characters from the Dark Hunter World in the comments below.