Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Delicious Do Over by Debbi Rawlins


Published April 19, 2011 by Harlequin Blaze

Accountant Lindsey Shaw is stepping outside the box.  Starting a new business with her friends in a new city… they convince her to have a “second spring break” in Hawaii before embarking on their new journey. They even cajole her into posting a message on her Facebook page in the hopes of reuniting with her Hot one night fling from years ago.  Rick Granger remembers Lindsey all too well….she has haunted his dreams for years.  Now in the warm Waikiki sun will they revisit their passion and find something more or will this be another one night stand to remember?

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Lindsey is ready for a change in her life and starting a new business with her friends in New York should be enough… but when they encourage her to have a “Second Spring Break” in Hawaii and even more… to invite her one night fling from years ago to find her there… she may have stepped a little too far out of her comfort zone. When Rick Granger not only finds her in Waikiki but sweeps her into more nights of passion she is trying desperately to stay lost in the moment, but her mind and her heart are at odds.

Rick lets Lindsay believe he is just a surfer dude. He needs per passion and her inexperience and vulnerability call to him.  Although he is set financially for life…. he is, after years of development, still working on a new product and doesn’t want to share his frustrations or his “true wealth” with Lindsey.  This is just a week of great sex…. isn’t it?

The more time Lindsay spends with Rick the more she cares for him and the more she dreads leaving. Rick convinces her to stay a few days longer but eventually the time comes to leave…  Lindsay starts her new life in New York and tries to deny her pain and her love for Rick.  Rick spends his time thinking about things he hasn’t really considered seriously… love… marriage and a family.  His soul searching leads him to New York and a confession of his love to Lindsay.  A love that fulfills both of their fantasies and sets them on the path to forever!

This is a good, quick summer read. The characters draw you into their love and their fears.  The location is awesome and a daydream inspiration!

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