Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Into the Wild by Beth Ciotta


Published September 1, 2010 by HQN

When River Kane, popular wedding photographer, is left at the altar she is heartbroken. Little does she know that she will soon receive a private journal from her estranged Archeologist father.  A journal that will lead her to face her deepest fears and discover the love of her life!  Spenser McGraw, treasure hunter and famous host of Into the Wild, is dedicated to locating lost treasures.  When his sister enlists his aide in watching over River it may well lead to the adventure of his life.  In a mad race to find River’s father they will face danger and temptations and discover a hidden treasure that could alter history!  And this is nothing compared to the unexpected steamy love that could alter their very lives!

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If you’re looking for a little adventure with your romance then look no further.  Beth Ciotta’s latest offering, Into the Wild  delivers both!  Our heroine River Kane, newly jilted, is “coping” so well that her friends fear the impending meltdown.  The meltdown is put on hold though when she receives a journal and a gold amulet from her estranged Archeologist father, Henry.  The family photos tucked between the pages intrigue her but his cryptic note stating that if she receives the journal that he is sacrificing his life for a treasure so monumental that men would kill for it… she knows she must find Henry… rescue and closure are the priority!

She tells her friends she is heading to Peru to reconcile with her ex-fiancée David and convinces herself that once she finds Henry she really will contact him.  So with an over abundance of sunscreen and antibacterial gel she embarks on a journey that will change her life forever.  Did I mention after her Mother’s death she was raised by her grandparents who reinforced her Father’s beliefs that she was “delicate” and should be raised in a protected environment?! 

Enter treasure hunter Spenser McGraw.  Bound by the promise made to his sister to watch over River, his protective instincts are in overdrive from the moment his strong arms catch her mid-swoon- at the wrong airport, no less!  When he learns her father’s identity and realizes that he is seeking the Lost Treasure of Llanganatis, his own demons rear their ugly head.  He has experienced the “gold fever” first hand.  Years ago when searching for this very treasure he misinterpreted his friend's odd behavior to alcohol.  By the time he realized it was acute mountain sickness it was too late and his friend had walked off a cliff. 

Their journey to find Henry is fraught with danger and surprises-  least of which is their growing attraction for each other.  They are not the only ones looking for Henry and the treasure and there are a few surprises and a final twist that will leave you winded but satisfied!  Join River and Spenser on their enlightening adventure in love!!

6/25/2011 02:57:03 am

River Kane is such a great character. I loved her spunkiness.


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