Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Dante's Honor Bound Husband  by Day LeClaire


Published May 3, 2011 by Harlequin Desire

It only takes one touch for the Dante Inferno Legacy to demand passionate possession.  Gianna Dante isn’t sure she can trust the legacy when it comes to Constantine Romano.  Their heat is palpable and she is understandably confused when, after she touches him, he leaves her to return to Italy and concentrate on establishing his business.  Now he’s back after almost two years and determined she will be his - on his own terms.  Can she trust her feelings for a man who virtually ignored her, and Dante’s Inferno for almost two years?

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Gianna Dante has moved on after a passionate weekend with Constantine Romano.  Or so she thinks.  After one touch of her hand to his she is surprised to find the Dante Inferno Legacy is alive and well in the Dante women.  Yet after their fiery weekend together, one in which he insists her purity remain intact, Constantine leaves for Italy to establish his business.  He insists there should be no contact between them because he cannot accomplish his goals with her sweet distractions.  Now he’s back and ready to possess her body and soul.

Gianna is hurt by his long silence and bewildered about the Inferno Legacy.  She also has kept a family secret for many years.  How can she trust a man who walked away from her… 

Constantine has learned all about the legacy and he resents its control over him.  He wants Gia in his life, on his terms.  He couldn’t return until he had something to offer her.  Getting her to understand his silence is another story entirely though. Dealing with the Legacy, traditional Italian families, Gia’s impulsive jumps into danger and a  plot twist or two makes for a very fast paced and enjoyable read. 

Day LeClaire’s characters are charming and emotionally engaging. Her plot is well paced and has humor, sex, romance and a touch of mystery!  Get caught up in The Dante Legacy!

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