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Coming Undone by Lauren Dane


Published January 5, 2010 by Berkley Trade

Elise Sorenson is the new kid on the block. She has moved to Seattle with her daughter for a fresh start from a painful past. A former world-class ballerina, she is focused on settling into their new life. Having barely survived her marriage, she is definitely not looking for a relationship.

Brody Brown spent years raising his two siblings after a tragedy took their parents' lives. They are out on their own now, and he is finally in a good place. He has a thriving business, a great house, time, money and friends. But when he meets his new neighbor, he knows there is something there - a fiercely burning attraction.

Elise and Brody agree to a no-strings-attached fling. Will they be able to walk away after the passion is sated? Or is something deeper developing between them? And will the shadow lurking from Elise's past come back to haunt them both?

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Elise moves to Seattle looking for a new start. She has been through the physical and emotional turmoil of a bad marriage. She and her daughter Rennie settle in to their new neighborhood, and their new life. As a former world renowned ballerina, Elise sets up a business teaching the craft she loves. Her life begins a new course the day her super sexy neighbor is hit by a car.

Brody Brown raised his little brother and sister after their parents' deaths. His siblings are out of the house and on their own now, and he is in a comfortable place in his life. He has an extremely successful tattoo business, a nice house, and good friends. When he goes to Elise's house to thank her for her help after the hit-and-run, he knows the attraction between them cannot be denied.

They agree to a casual affair. Elise and Rennie settle in, making friends and getting to know neighbors. Brody (and his family) slowly become a huge part of their lives. What starts as stolen moments of passion quickly becomes something more - something neither of them was looking for.

When her ex-in laws make a play for custody of Rennie, Elise relies on Brody's strength and support. Without giving away the whole story, there is a happy ending for all.

The title of this book, Coming Undone, is truly fitting. When Elise first meets Brody she is calm and controlled. She has built walls around her heart for protection and she has no intention of letting someone in again. As her relationship with Brody progresses, those walls slowly unravel. I really enjoyed the fact that Brody and Elise's love develops over a longer period. It didn't have the unrealistic feel of love-at-first-sight that some books do. This felt real, it felt natural. Sure, there was blistering chemistry between them from the start (the sex scenes are definitely HOT!), but the love developed over time.

Brody is this big commanding presence with his tattoos and his motorcycle. But inside he is a marshmallow. He is sweet and caring, thoughtful and generous. Some of my favorite scenes were not the ones between him and Elise, but the ones between him and her daughter Rennie. It is amazing to see how much he and his family come to care for the Sorensons.

Between the sizzling hot sex scenes, the tenderness of their slowly developing relationship and the realness of the characters, this was a very enjoyable read.

There is a book prior to this one about Brody's sister, Laid Bare,  out already and the next book, Inside Out, is also available. Book 4, Never Enough releases September 6, 2011.

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