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Hunting Season
by Shelly Laurenston

Published August 3, 2010 by Samhain

Will Yager is the leader of the Ravens. Part bad-ass warrior, part nice guy geek, Will is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is Neecy Lawrence.

Neecy Lawrence is second in command for the Jersey Crows. Independent, smack talking, and a fierce fighter, she has no desire for a relationship with anyone, least of all the sexy Raven who keeps pursuing her.

Will is determined to make Neecy his and refuses to take no for an answer. She will agree to 24 hours of mind blowing sex, but he can forget any kind of commitment! Will these birds of a feather learn to live together? Or will fate keep them apart?

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As one of Odin's famed Raven warriors, Will Yager has taken down his share of scum. He never imagined it would take all of his fighting skills to win the woman he loves.

Neecy Lawrence is still trying to escape a past that she would rather forget. Every decision she makes is based on atonement and there's no way she deserves a nice guy like Will.

When a mutual enemy begins hunting down her kind, Neecy finds herself under Will's tender care. She thought spending a day with him would get it out of her system, but that's anything but true. What will it take for Will to convince Neecy to take a chance on forever?

The mythology behind this story was very interesting and different. The Ravens, a group of male warriors, belong to the god Odin. They carry out his will and serve justice in his name. The Crows, a group of female warriors, belong to the goddess Skuld. Chosen at the moment of their death, they are offered the chance to fight against evil. This book is smoking hot! Make sure you have a nice fan to sit in front of when you read this book. ;)  I loved the depths of Will's character. He is a fierce warrior, a fair leader, a gaming nerd, super nice, and sarcastic to boot. The attraction between Will and Neecy is explosive but it's the tenderness and love that really blows you away. Will knows he and Neecy are perfect for one another and there is nothing that will stop him from convincing her. To be relentlessly pursued like that? <sigh> There were some incredibly funny laugh-out-loud scenes when the Ravens & Crows get together that are not to be missed.

I look forward to reading another book about these unique supernaturals.

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