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Primal Heat by Crystal Jordan


Published November 1, 2010 by Aphrodisia

Primal Heat is actually two stories under one cover. The first, Wicked Lord, is the tale of U.S. Sergeant Major Bren Preston and Kith Ambassador Lord Farid Arjun. Though she keeps rigid control during the day, Bren has no choice but to surrender in their wickedly hot shared dreams. And in Carnal Empress, Kith Emperor Kyber has travelled across space to find his One, Earth human Jana Townsend. Jana finds it easy to fall in love with the shape shifting otherworlder but a threat from home could tear them apart forever. The heat is building, the danger is near: Will love go down in flames?

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Bren Preston lives and breathes for her career in the military. After a rocky childhood she craves the control and discipline being a Sergeant Major affords her. Kith Lord Farid Arjun has lost almost everyone he has ever loved. When he discovers that Bren is his One, his destined soul mate, he knows that he can never complete the bond. He is not willing to risk his heart. But he cannot control their shared dreams - nights of indescribable passion.

When Bren discovers that her mentor and commanding officer is out for power and total world domination, she turns to the man who makes her burn. She has no intention of giving in to their attraction, but when faced by his animal needs, how can she say no? Together they will try to bring down the bad guy, to save both Kith and Kin. Along the way, will they lose their hearts... to each other?

Kith Emperor Kyber has brought his people across space in search of the call that is his One. After nearly a year's search, he has finally located her: Jana Townsend. Jana falls for Kyber at first sight. It's easy for her to love this handsome shape shifter. Their bond is complete and the ecstasy they find together is amazing.

Tragedy strikes, however, and their bond is nearly severed. After months apart under dire circumstances, they are little better than strangers. Will the love they shared be enough to mend their wounds? Can they truly move forward if they don't first address the past?

Primal Heat had it all. Aliens? Check. Shape shifters? Check. Erotica? Check, Check. It was the perfect combination of action, emotion, and HOT, steamy love scenes. The characters all had well developed back stories, that made them truly real on the pages. For anyone who thinks Erotica is just a bunch of sex, read this book. Yes, the sex is smoking, but the plot is just as integral.  

Look for a new book, Prowl the Night, about Panther shifters October 2011.
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