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Riding The Storm
by Sydney Croft


Published August 28, 2007 by Delta

Remy Begnaud has the ability to control a storm. He can call down the lightning, walk through a hurricane, and direct tornadoes. This ex-Navy SEAL is danger in a sexy body.

Haley Holmes, bizarre weather expert, is on a mission to see if claims of Remy's powers are true. And if they are, to recruit him to her super secret employer.

Which will be the greater danger: the enemies who want to control Remy, and his gift, or the danger to her heart?

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Remy Begnaud has come back to his childhood home in the Louisiana bayou after a phone call from his Dad. Imagine his surprise when he finds a beautiful naked woman in his shower! He doesn't quite buy her 'meteorological study' story but that does not keep him from wanting her.

Haley Holmes is truly a weather whiz, but she has ulterior motives for being in Remy's house. She has been sent by her agency, ACRO (Agency for Covert Rare Operatives), to determine whether the whispers about Remy's power are true or not. If they are, she has been authorized to use any means necessary to recruit him to their cause, even to give in to the desire burning between them.

This book was wickedly hot! Not only does Remy's 'gift' ramp up during a storm, so does his lust. With the beautiful and very willing Haley stuck with him during a hurricane, the pages ignite with passion!

Both characters are really likeable and you find yourself cheerleading their HEA from the beginning. The brief snippets of the other ACRO operatives leave you eager to read the rest of the books in the series, especially the mysterious head of the organization, Dev. Plus the team of enemies? Scary! The blend between super hot erotic scenes and paranormal is perfect.

Book 2 Unleashing the Storm, Book 3 Seduced by the Storm, Book 4 Taming the Fire, Book 5 Tempting the Fire, and Book 6 Taken by Fire are all available.
(Sydney Croft is the pen of authors Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler.)

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