Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Past Midnight by Jasmine Haynes


Published May 3, 2011 by Berkley Heat

Dominic and Erin have lost their way after experiencing a terrible loss.  Their marriage has become a hollow image and the only time they connect on any level is when Erin turns to Dominic in the shadows of the night.  Those few hours of ecstasy and physical pleasure are the only relief from the pain of the past.

Dominic is determined to find a way to reach Erin.  A way to save their marriage and their love.  His solution is to take Erin on a sensual, erotic journey that will push the boundaries of their comfort zone. They will either recapture and deepen their bond or… they will each move on… alone.

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Erin is lost, her life is a shell she has built to protect herself from the pain of losing her eight year old son Jay, a year before.  Her only respite from the agonizing pain and guilt is when she turns to her husband Dominic, in the darkness of the night.  Only the intense passion they share can give her the relief she craves. 

Dominic is dealing with his own grief and pain and refuses to give up on Erin and their marriage.  Yet, the only time he feels a thread of connection between them anymore is during sex. So begins a wild ride that takes them from the bedroom to public parties and performances that fulfill their wildest fantasies.  Erin isn’t really sure what her fantasies are but Dominic knows just what buttons to push.  He has always fantasized about seeing another man take his wife, seeing her passion and release from another perspective and he is blown away when Erin falls in with his plans.

Then their business is threatened and they must work together to discover who has been sabotaging them.  It culminates when not only do they triumph in the business world but they finally start to deal with their grief, blame and guilt….. together! They may still need an erotic adventure now and then though!!!

Jasmine Haynes' characters are well written, well rounded and refreshing in their vulnerabilities. The plot is fast paced and dynamic. The erotic scenes are Hot, Hot, Hot with a twist.  Ms. Bliss had to spend an entire chapter in front of the fan! Kudos to Jasmine and please continue to turn up the heat!!!

Watch for What Happens After Dark – DeKnight Book Two available from Berkley Heat – November 2011.  

6/25/2011 02:53:42 am

Thanks Ms.Bliss, I had never read this author so I picked up Past Midnight. Great book and I agree about the hotness.

6/25/2011 06:19:47 am

Yes, this was very hot and I liked that the erotica was between a married couple. They found a way to get through their situation with love and sex!


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