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The Price of Temptation
by Lecia Cornwall

Published December 27, 2011 by Avon

Lady Evelyn Renshaw is married to England's most notorious traitor...
Or is she?

No one has seen Lord Philip alive for months. The Crown wants to hang him. The ton wants to know if Evelyn is as guilty as her husband, and Philip's enemies expect Evelyn to pay the price for her husband's sins.

Captain Sinjon Rutherford has troubles of his own. He needs a place to hide while he proves himself innocent of some very nasty charges. The Crown offers assistance, but only if Sinjon helps them uncover the truth about Evelyn's part in her husband's treason. He's planted as a spy in her household, disguised as a servant. But Sinjon is no footman...and he doesn't have time to fall in love with the enigmatic Evelyn, but the lady needs a strong protector, and a lover.

And it seems the lady has some dark secrets of her own, secrets that can get them both killed...

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I really liked this second offering from Lecia Cornwall. The Price of Temptation starts off with a bang (literally!) and the action doesn’t stop until the last word on the last page. Lady Evelyn Renshaw’s notorious husband has been missing for some time, and it seems all the world is looking for the traitor. Of course, this means that they are also keeping a close eye on Evelyn herself. Living under constant surveillance, the disapproving clucking of her three sisters and the speculation of the Ton would be a bit much for anyone.

Enter one Captain Sinjon Rutherford, disgraced military man trying his best to prove his innocence. He is planted by the Crown as a spy in Evelyn’s household in the form of a footman. He is there to root out all of Evelyn’s secrets, not fall for her strength and charm.

This story was unusual in that a Lady of good breeding finds herself attracted to her servant. We all know that Captain Rutherford is no mere footman, but Evelyn does not at the time. I will say that I would love to read a historical romance where the Lady truly does fall in love with a man of lower class. If Dukes can marry their governesses, why can’t the under butler get a little love? What’s good for the goose and all that. But, I digress.

Even though the villains’ identities are laid out early on in the book, there is plenty of action and even a few twists in store. Though there were many obstacles that had to be overcome on both their parts, true love did win in the end.

A very well written story with likable characters (discounting Evelyn’s horrid sisters!) that had a happy ending for all.
tracy simms
1/6/2012 09:43:01 am

Thanks for this review. I do not read too many romance books but this sounds good!!


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