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Tides of Passion
by Tracy Sumner

Published originally by Zebra Books, re-released as an e-book October 17, 2011

She is his greatest temptation.

He is her forbidden desire.

A battle of wills leads to love.


Spirited Savannah Connor is passionately committed to stamping out social injustice. Yet when she arrives in Pilot Isle, North Carolina, ready to take up a new cause, she quickly finds herself on the outs with the town constable. Zachariah Garrett is the most arrogant, infuriating, maddeningly attractive man it’s ever been her misfortune to meet. And suddenly, Savannah is fighting a whole new battle—this one against her own yearning for a man who is impossible to resist.


Ever since his wife’s death two years ago, Zachariah Garrett has dedicated his life to keeping the peace. And avoiding the thought of love. But Savannah Connor isn’t an ordinary woman—and she proves hard to ignore. She’s a beguiling beauty with the power to awaken emotions Zach thought he’d never feel again, and the tenderness to help him forget his fears. And risk his heart once more.

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Savannah is an independent woman and an impassioned suffragette. She cannot bring herself to rely on a man but that doesn't mean she is immune to Zachariah's masculine charms.

Zachariah, feeling like an utter failure, has vowed never to wed again. He is the town sheriff and as reliable as they come. Everyone comes to him with their troubles but just once would it be so bad if he took something for himself?

The immediate sizzling attraction between Savannah and Zachariah was very hot! I don't know what I enjoyed more: their fierce disagreements or their passionate love-making. Lust exploded between them like a firecracker on the fourth of July, but it was the slow deepening of affection that made this book a truly enjoyable love story.

I typically read regency England historicals, so Tides of Passion was a refreshing change in its historic American setting. The times may be vastly different from today, but the relationships have a timeless, every day feel.

A great historical romance read!

You can find the e-book on Amazon: along with the first book in the series, Tides of Love.
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Thanks for the review! I'm so excited to be a part of When Pen Met Paper!

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