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The Lady Most Likely
by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James & Connie Brockway

Published December 28, 2010 by Avon

Three of the brightest stars of historical romance invite you to a party at the country home of the Honorable Marquess of Finchley

Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, needs a wife, so his sister hands him a list of delectable damsels and promises to invite them— and a few other gentlemen—to her country house for what is sure to be the event of the season.

Hugh will have time to woo whichever lady he most desires . . . Unless someone else snatches her first.

The invitation list includes:
  • The horse-mad but irresistibly handsome Earl of Briarly
  • The always outspoken Miss Katherine Peyton
  • The dashing war hero Captain Neill Oakes
  • The impossibly beautiful (and painfully shy) Miss Gwendolyn Passmore
  • The terribly eligible new Earl of Charters
  • The widowed Lady Georgina Sorrell (who has no plans to marry, ever)
And your hostess, Lady Carolyn Finchley, an irrepressible matchmaker who plans to find the lady most likely . . .  to capture her brother’s untamed heart.

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Reviewed by: Book Addict

Just Like Heaven
by Julia Quinn

Published May 31, 2011 by Avon

Honoria Smyhe-Smith has always looked up to her brother’s best friend. Following them around when she was a kid earned her the moniker ‘Bug’. She’s decided she’s ready to settle down and is on the hunt for the perfect man.

Marcus Holroyd, Earl of Chatteris, has dearly missed spending time with his best friend’s family. Since Daniel’s flight from danger he has been mostly alone. All of that changes during a house party in the country where Marcus stumbles upon Honoria’s marriage scheme.

Yes, they both love sweets and have known each other since they were kids but will that be enough to get them through the horror that is the Smythe-Smith musicale?

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