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Everyone knows the war between vampires and werewolves has been going on for thousands of years. This new trend has captivated the world and especially teenagers. It has really made a hit on the big screens and readers and movie goers alike have fought tooth and nail to defend their favorite characters, while stirring up disputes on who really is bigger and badder. In this ramble, you'll read my thoughts on not who is better, but why I believe that books concerning demons are far more entertaining than the popular vampires vs. werewolves themes. Sorry Twilight fans! So let's get started!

  Everyone knows that demons have, at one point or another, been in our thoughts. Not saying that vampires and werewolves haven't, but has it ever crossed your mind that they do really exist? Most of us would say no. At least, I would hope so.

   As the sun sets, a new formed paranoia creeps up on us, haunting the dark corners of our brains and making us a little twitchy. The sheer idea of demons usually sends humans running the other way, and that's where my two comparisons clash.

Unlike the large selection of vampire/werewolf books, demon books just seem more realistic. You get that nerve wracking feeling- you start looking around wondering if the things you just read could really happen. You begin to contemplate  - could it happen or if it did, what would you do? If you've felt that similar feeling- join the club; typically you just don't get that feeling when it comes to vampires and werewolves. Anyone can make a scary story but making it feel real and believable is where they really get points.

    Differing from vampires and werewolves, demons can be manipulated in books so much easier. What I mean by this is a lot of the books I pick up contain the same old boring vampire traits you see everywhere, which can make you skim through pages, absent minded. You hardly ever get two demons from two different books that have the same exact traits, and there are definitely no love slaves named "Damian" or "Nickolas", like in many vampire books. Trust me, I love my vampire books with a teenage obsession but to me it's refreshing to grab a book and not be able predict what will happen from the first chapter. Who's with me??

Demon books have so much more personality. You can get the tough love, protective male with rippling abs and climb-on-me shoulders, or you can get the shy and innocent sweetheart with a deadly just-take-me type body. The list goes on and on! And believe me when I say -  its a very, very long list. But my point is that their personality will not be hindered by pesky culture ridden facts or a predisposition to how they're supposed to act. When it comes down to it I feel like the reader needs a new, unique lover to fall in love with, not the same old- same old. The descriptions of some demons would make any reader drop their seductive vampire boyfriend like a dime.

My last statement is aimed more at comparing the ravaging werewolves to the deadly calm, killer demons. When it comes to savages winning our hearts forever ladies, sadly werewolves don't have the upper paw. Demons march their way through our books giving their lives to save ours; and yes, I realize werewolves and vampires do the same but demons just seem so much more involved, and definitely less jealous. (Not to mention all that fur/fangs everywhere would be annoying, to say the least.) Our demon boys are characters that are made to have families with, and they won't shift into beast mode when they're upset. The calmness and intelligence of the demons makes you admire them and yet hate them too since sometimes they do break our hearts. But they always come back! Nothing can be compared to trying to tame a creature like a werewolf/vampire, but with demons they are more logical and more human. Which is why so many more people bond to their favorite evil demon men than with the easily forgettable vampires and werewolves.

I hope you liked my rambling and please leave me a comment so I can see what your thoughts are!

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