Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

King of Darkness
by Elisabeth Staab

Published February 7, 2012 by Sourcebooks - Casablanca 

Scorned by the vampire community for her lack of power, Isabel Anthony lives a carefree existence masquerading as human--although, drifting among the debauched human nightlife; she prefers the patrons' blood to other indulgences. But when she meets the king of vampires this party girl's life turns dark and dangerous.

Dead-set on finding the prophesied mate who will unlock his fiery powers, Thad Morgan must find his queen before their race is destroyed. Their enemies are gaining ground, and Thad needs his powers to unite his subjects. But when his search leads him to the defiant Isabel, he wonders if fate has gotten it seriously wrong...

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Thad has quite the quandary… his Father, King of the Vampires has passed away and he is expected to step into his shoes…. One caveat…. he still has not come into his powers.  He is now on a search for his “mate” who is prophesied to bring him his power and reign as his queen.

Isabel lost her parents at a young age and has had no real contact with the “vampire world”, as she has not come into her powers as well.  When she is approached by Thad she is disbelieving in her value to the vampire world.  When her best friend, a human, is attacked by their mortal enemies, the wizards, she is pulled into the drama and life and death realism of the vampire world.  Can they find love amid the pressures of rulership?

When I began this book I was quite impressed about the uniqueness of  Ms. Staab’s Vampire world as well as the vulnerability of the main characters.  That said, I was hoping that our hero along with his powers, would become a real alpha male as the story progressed.  Unfortunately he never quite seemed to really take on the strong leadership role I would have liked.

I did quite enjoy the witty repartee between all of the characters, as well as the self deprecation which made them seem very approachable and real.  At times the secondary and major characters seemed a bit too similar but eventually had enough individuality to sustain my attention.

I quite enjoyed this book although I thought the ending a bit unrealistic and untrue to the main characters.  They didn’t seem the type, although pressured by time and circumstances, to enter into a marriage without the hero’s second in command and the heroine’s best friend.  I am looking forward to the next book in this series because it was very well written and the plot was a genuine success!
4/12/2012 09:32:07 pm

I liked Tess Hilaire's world of Paladin Warriors -who are former angels that choose to become protectors of mankind and their descendants - plus vampires, demons, and a fallen Paladin who are evil, and various crossbreeds of all of the above who may or may not be evil. Since the hero Roland who is a Paladin that was turned vamp and is dead as far as the rest of his former brethren know, he's outside of the main brotherhood so there's not much male bonding or insight into the relationships and regular workings of the Paladin brotherhood yet. And actually the few views of the Paladins en masse is not wholly favorable as the heroine Karissa is a hot commodity - since she's a rare female of the bloodline - and all the Paladins want to claim her for their own.


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