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Seduce Me In Flames
by Jacquelyn Frank

Published July 26, 2011 by Ballantine

Ambrea Vas Allay is the rightful heir to the throne of Allay. But when she is summoned home from exile, she discovers that her father, who had executed her mother, has died. Her young half-brother, controlled by their uncle, has taken power. Ambrea is torn by an impossible choice: renounce the crown or waste away in prison. The last thing she expects is to be liberated by a huge, tattooed Tarian—or to feel a searing passion for her mysterious rescuer.

Rush “Ender” Blakely loves being part of the elite force of the Interplanetary Militia and the mission to save the princess Allay. But the tough Tarian hides a fiery secret—a blazing power that makes him literally too hot to handle. He must be crazy to carry a torch for this strong, beautiful princess—when any intimacy between them is bound to be explosive.

As Ambrea steels herself to take back the throne, does she dare entrust this scorching stranger with the fate of an empire—and, even more so, with her heart?

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I loved this book even more than I loved Seduce Me In Dreams and I loved that one a lot! Ambrea Vas Allay is a character of great strength. You immediately recognize this and appreciate everything she has gone through. She is a very determined woman and when she decides she wants something - be it her rightful place on the throne or Rush - you have no doubt she will do everything and anything to make it happen.

Rush "Ender" Blakely intrigued me since I first met him in Seduce Me In Dreams. This book delves into his past and reveals the people and events that have made him the man he is. Fiercely protective, he is the ultimate Alpha male. Not to mention, he is smokin hot - literally!

Rush and Ambrea have their share of obstacles to overcome but that just adds to the thrilling, action packed plot. A fantastic read from Page 1! Jacquelyn Frank never disappoints.

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