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Tempt Me With Darkness
by Shayla Black


Published August 26, 2008 by Pocket Books

Cursed by an evil witch centuries ago, Marrok has lived a long time in solitude. Imagine his shock upon meeting Olivia Gray - who has the same long, dark hair and violet eyes of his long-ago tormentor. Could this modern beauty be the accursed Morganna reincarnated?

Olivia is drawn to the raw sensuality that is Marrok the first time she meets him. She only wants to arrange a profitable arrangement - his exquisite carvings to sell in her newly opened art shop. But she fears she will not be able to resist the flame burning brightly between them.

As an evil, formidable enemy rises again, Marrok and Olivia will have to work together to protect a powerful book from landing in the wrong hands. Will love save the day?

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Marrok of Cadbury was once a fierce and trusted warrior for King Arthur. Then an ill-advised one night stand with a powerful witch left him cursed, shamed and alone. Morganna has been taunting him ever since - the curse prevents his completion with any woman. When he meets Olivia Gray for the first time, he is certain that Morganna has come back for more revenge - Olivia bears the same dark tresses and brilliant violet eyes.

Olivia Gray has moved to England after the death of her mother. Having grown up thinking her father was dead, she is now  trying to track him down while fulfilling a lifelong wish of opening her own art shop. To make her shop successful, she needs an infusion of money, and quick. Enter the super talented, extremely hot Marrok. Olivia wants nothing more than to sell his carvings but the spark of attraction that leaps between them has her body yearning for more.

Convinced that Olivia is the key to lifting his centuries old curse, Marrok takes her captive. The inferno of their passion will not be denied and an ancient instinct binds them magically as mates.

As secrets from her past are revealed, Olivia is left trying to cope with a new mate, a new future in magic, and the danger from a sinister wizard bent on her capture, or worse.

This first tale of the Doomsday Brethren was fast paced, action packed and full of steamy, hot love scenes. I'm surprised the pages of my book weren't scorched! ;) Marrok can be controlling, imposing and bull headed but he has a tenderness that he reserves for Olivia alone. Olivia has felt unloved and unwanted her entire life. Falling for Marrok, only to be rejected, is her biggest fear. These two characters have a lot of obstacles to overcome, mostly themselves, but the journey is well worth it. The other members of the Doomsday Brethren were just as intriguing, and I cannot wait to read their stories as well. A really excellent, magical read!

Look for Seduce Me in Shadow (book 2), Possess Me At Midnight (book 3), and Entice Me At Twilight (book 4) already out. Embrace Me At Dawn, book 5, comes out February 2012!

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