Reviewed by: The Beast

The Darkest Surrender
by Gena Showalter


Published September 27, 2011 by HQN

The Darkest Surrender is about one of our favorite little harpies, Kaia, and of course our possessed Lord, Strider. Strider is possessed by the demon Defeat, so if he should lose a challenge, even one as simple as tic-tac-toe, he suffers extreme pain. Kaia is known as The Disappointment among her people. So when her and her family are called to the Harpy Games, she decides she must win. Strider has other plans. He's going to steal the first prize, an ancient godly artifact.

Will he ruin everything for Kaia or will he finally stop running from her attentions and find that he is highly attracted to her too? Will Strider lose? Will love win?

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A lot happens in the newest Lords of the Underworld novel. Kaia's past comes back to haunt her when her and her three sisters are invited to compete in the Harpy Games. Known as Kaia the Disappointment to her fellow harpies, she's determined to prove her worth. Strider is forced to agree to accompany Kaia to these games as her consort. Or as he puts it, her "medicine box". His blood will heal her and she'll definitely need that. Every harpy there, other than the six on her team, are out to get her. When Kaia was still a child she had decided to steal another harpy's consort, not knowing that the second she helped him out, he would rampage their village. After that she was named Kaia the Disappointment and the harpy whose consort she had set free, Juliet, will never forgive her. Juliet is now leading the games and is determined to humiliate her with the help of none other than Kaia's own mother. How hurtful! But Kaia refuses to back down and her sisters have her back.

We discover first prize is the 4th godly artifact, The Paring Rod. Strider wants nothing more than to steal it, but Kaia insists he can't and she will win it. Through all the challenges, winning and losing, Strider's feelings for Kaia continue to grow until he wishes to remain with her no matter what and cares for her the way she cares for him. He is given the chance to get the Paring Rod and takes it. Kaia finds that she has her father's phoenix abilities to catch on fire and char her opponents. She defeats her mother in battle , finally takes Juliet out, and earns her new title: Kaia the Wing Shredder.

Meanwhile, the other Lords have news too. Paris, keeper of  Promiscuity, is closer to finding Sienna, the only woman he's ever had a chance of being with more than once, whom he thought dead. And Kane, keeper of Disaster, finds out he will be the cause of the apocalypse.

Now, don't let this information overload stop you from reading The Darkest Surrender. It was awesomely written, as all Gena's books are and definitely another one I couldn't put down.

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