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The Demon in Me
by Michelle Rowen


Published May 4, 2010 by Berkley Sensation

It's a bad day on the job when a serial killer is gunned down right next to you. But it's a truly hellish day on the job when you find his ramblings about being possessed by a demon were all too true - and that demon is now inside you! Eden Riley is a skeptical psychic who is now walking around with a thousand year old demon as a passenger, when he's not walking around on his own in the form of a super sexy man. She's in over her head as the world of the supernatural comes crashing down around her.

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Three hundred years ago an angry, vengeful witch tried to destroy the demon Darrack. She succeeded partially - he has been left without a body, forced to inhabit a human's. Until now he has been mostly a bystander.

Eden Riley is a sometimes psychic who doesn't put much faith in her own abilities. After being fired from her psychic hot line job, she is now working as a police consultant. A simple find-and-seek case gets a lot more complicated when her powers actually work, revealing the missing serial killer. A confrontation by knifepoint, and a well placed bullet later and the killer is dead. Little does Eden know that her life is about to change forever.

It seems that Eden's psychic powers give Darrak a major boost- by day he is able to take corporeal form. Now they must work together to find the witch who can undo this curse and set them both free. There's also a handsome detective Eden is interested in, a mother/son exorcist duo and a determined black cat.

For being thrust into a shit storm of epic proportions, Eden adjusts remarkably well. Any other person would be a babbling mess, sucking their thumb in the corner. Eden is a shy, somewhat nerdy, mostly awkward woman who shows surprising fortitude in the face of danger and just plain craziness.

Darrak, despite numerous secrets and even blatant lies, is a character I really liked. Being stuffed into humans for over 300 years has caused a bit of humanity to rub off on him and softened some of his more evil demon tendencies. He's protective of Eden, even territorial. This book had it all: romance, action, comedy, and an interesting plot that kept my attention until the very last page.

The second book in the series, Something Wicked, was released October 2010.

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