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The Reluctant Vampire by Lynsay Sands


Published May 31, 2011 by Avon

In The Reluctant Vampire Drina is called in to babysit a teenage vampire, knowing that there is a chance that Harper Stoyan, one of her co-babysitters, might be her lifemate. Trouble is Harper just lost his first lifemate and is having a hard time living with the guilt. But hopefully Drina, with the help of Stephanie the teenage vampire, can convince Harper that it is okay to love again.  Let's hope Harper gets a clue before he loses his chance to a dangerous renegade.

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This book takes place in Port Henry, a small town where everyone knows about the Immortals who live there. Drina is sent there to help babysit a teenage vampire named Stephanie. Stephanie has to remain there until the rogue hunters catch the leader of the 'No Fangers', Leonius.

Stephanie and Drina start to lure Harper in with provactive clothes and a night at the club. Everything seems merry- Stephanie is finally starting to feel at home and Harper is starting to accept Drina. Then when all is good there is an attack and everyone has to move from Casey's Cottage to the town sheriff's home.

Stephanie is being forced to go to Toronto where she definitely doesn't want to be. So she takes off, using her mind controlling abilites to get away. Harper and Drina go looking for her and find her at her old home, watching the human family she can't return to. They convince her to come back with them. Drina promises that if Stephanie has to return to Toronto, she will go with her. 

They find out who attacked them and let me say - it's a twist. Stephanie still has to be relocated but that's okay because she is no longer in harm's way. Harper and Drina both decide to go Toronto and Harper can now gladly admit his love for her. 

I personally love this series. It's a totally new take on vampires (or as they prefer- Immortals) Instead of being souless creatures with no heartbeats, they are just like us. Except one pretty big difference. Their ancestors are from Atlantis, the highly advanced now lost city. The scientists of this civilization made nanos that were programmed to enter the blood stream and repair any damage to their hosts, then leave the body. What they didn't realize was that the human body is constantly being harmed by the sun and aging, so the nanos' work is never actually done.

The nanos use blood to heal the body so the host needs more blood than they can  produce themselves. And that's why these lovely Immortals are the way they are. Quite refreshing I must say. The way they find their life mates is pretty cool too. In a lot of books when an immortal finds their mate, they have a telepathic bond. But in this series it is the exact opposite. These Immortals can read everyone's thoughts except their life mates, making them completely at peace when alone together. I love this take on Immortal vampires and will never get enough of Lynsay Sands' witty characters.

If you liked the town sheriff, Teddy, as much as I did make sure you pick up The Bite Before Christmas, an anthology with his story in it, coming out October 25, 2011.
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I Loved this book by Lydsay Sands.


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