Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Twilight Fulfilled
by Maggie Shayne


Published September 27, 2011 by MIRA

Utanapishtim has paid dearly for the sin of creating the vampire race—imprisoned in a living death for centuries, driven to near madness. With a single white-hot glance, he immolates his descendants…and the vampire Armageddon begins.

Beautiful and deadly Brigit Poe, not wholly vampire but fiercely loyal to that shared bloodline, is called into action. She abhors yet cannot deny her destiny: to vanquish the once-great king of the immortals and save the vampire race.

Two warriors, equally matched in power and determination, are soon locked in an unwinnable battle, only to discover a passion so shocking it threatens every truth they've ever known—even as they must face one final battle that seems fated to end in death and heartbreak for them both.

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Whether you are a long time fan of Maggie Shayne or are new to her spellbinding talent it will be impossible not to be enchanted by the magic of Twilight! In the second book of the Children of Twilight (# 17 in the Twilight Series), Twilight Fulfilled, we continue the desperate struggle to save the vampire race from Armageddon!  Although Twilight Fulfilled can be enjoyed without having read Twilight Prophecy, I highly recommend that you experience them in order.

Trusting that they are fulfilling a great prophecy to save their race, the “mongrel” twin James has re-animated Utana – the very First Vampire.  When Utana begins a vampire killing rampage  believing the Gods have decreed it is his mission to exterminate the race he birthed, it is agreed that James’ twin, Brigit, must destroy Utana at any cost.  Believing that James is the Light as he uses his powers to heal and that she is the Dark as she uses her powers to destroy, Brigit embarks on a journey that changes her life forever.
Her search for Utana yields unexpected and unwanted results.  There is a connection between the two that defies logic and causes Brigit to question her very motives.  As she observes Utana closely she comes to realize that having been imprisoned for so long his rampage and rage were born of momentary insanity. He regrets hurting the innocents and although he will carry out his mission to destroy the vampires – he wishes for any other resolution. For Brigit, killing him has become a last resort!

Utana prays to the Gods asking that they spare Brigit as he cannot bring himself to destroy her.   Their attraction between these two warriors is undeniable and fiery! The Chosen (humans with the Belladonna antigen) are being gathered by the leader of the DPI  - A vigilante vampire killing group of the CIA. He intends to use their torture to lure the vampires to one location, knowing they will be compelled to rescue the Chosen. Utana and Brigit realize the DPI’s intent and agree to join  forces to save the Chosen.  Brigit tries to explain to her family and the other vampires why she failed in her mission to kill Utana but they don’t seem to understand and so when he is captured and placed with the Chosen, Brigit must enact a rescue on her own.  Or so she thinks……

Ms. Bliss hesitates to reveal the plot twisting epiphanies of the rest of this adventure as they are too imperative to the exciting conclusion.  I will say that Brigit and James discover an interesting revelation about their powers and that Utana’s destiny hangs in the balance.  Maggie Shayne never fails to enthrall us with her strong, endearing, well developed characters and her imaginative, well defined, well written plots.  This is rumored to be the last of the Twilight books – so those who have not read them from the beginning should hasten to complete your sets!

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