Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Vampire in Atlantis by Alyssa Day


Published June 7, 2011 by Berkley Sensation

Daniel, Vampire, Primus of the North American Vampires and ally of the Warriors of Poseidon is weary.  He has decided to end his eleven thousand years and step into the sunlight.  Instead he wakes in Atlantis. Serai has been in stasis, and believed that Daniel was dead.  When a dark sorceress begins to tamper with Poseidon’s gemstone that protects her and her sisters she manages to break out of her chamber.  In her haste to escape she stumbles over, none other than her beloved Daniel. Will they be able to renew their long lost love or will she believe, as Daniel does, that he is a monster who doesn’t deserve her heart?

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If Ms. Bliss could give more than five blood drops it would be for Alyssa Day’s newest entry in “The Warriors of Poseidon” series, Vampire in Atlantis.  We are artfully drawn back into the magical realm of Atlantis with gripping, soul stirring pathos from the very first chapter when Daniel, vampire and ally to the Warriors of Poseidon decides to resign as Primus of the North American Vampires and step into the sun. He's not sure what to expect but certainly it's not to find himself lying in the cool green grass of Atlantis!  

Serai has been trapped in stasis for eleven thousand years, kept alive by a link through the Emperor, a sacred stone from Poseidon’s Trident.  She and her sisters were meant to be released when Atlantis was once again safe so they could take their places as mates to the Royal Warriors.  Serai feels betrayed that they have been left in stasis for eleven thousand years! When the stone is discovered by a black arts sorceress the protection of the stasis is placed in jeopardy and the disruption allows Serai to break free of her chamber.  With thoughts of escaping Atlantis rushing through her blood she is amazed to stumble upon Daniel, the handsome blacksmith she had once loved and believed to be dead.

One of the many things I loved about this story was that Daniel and Serai are together from chapter three until the end of the book. Yes, there is angst and conflict and once they both learn the truth of the past Daniel still believes she deserves better than the Monster he has become. Alyssa Day cleverly engrosses us in an adventure to find the “Emperor” and save Serai’s sisters who are still in stasis and dying without the magical jewel’s protection.

Although the adventure revolves around Daniel and Serai we are brilliantly distracted by the subplots involving some of our favorite Atlantean characters , a clever witch with a spunky son who has the makings of an excellent warrior, an enemy who just might have a bit of humanity left and a mercurial portal keeper who confounds at every turn!  Ms. Day knows just when to nudge us back into the fold and continue our couple’s dangerous quest for the jewel.  A quest that weaves sensuality, sorcery, torment, humor and scorching passion along the way.

Ms. Bliss won’t reveal the splendid plot twists or heart pounding conclusion for those of you who haven’t read this dynamic new edition to our beloved Atlantean Warrior series.  I will council you to proceed with haste to the nearest bookstore and lose yourself in this wonderful, magical world of Immortals.  Ms. Day once again delivers a Best Seller!!!!

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