Reviewed by: Book Addict

Tempt Me With Darkness
by Shayla Black


Published August 26, 2008 by Pocket Books

Cursed by an evil witch centuries ago, Marrok has lived a long time in solitude. Imagine his shock upon meeting Olivia Gray - who has the same long, dark hair and violet eyes of his long-ago tormentor. Could this modern beauty be the accursed Morganna reincarnated?

Olivia is drawn to the raw sensuality that is Marrok the first time she meets him. She only wants to arrange a profitable arrangement - his exquisite carvings to sell in her newly opened art shop. But she fears she will not be able to resist the flame burning brightly between them.

As an evil, formidable enemy rises again, Marrok and Olivia will have to work together to protect a powerful book from landing in the wrong hands. Will love save the day?

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