Reviewed by: The Beast

The Darkest Surrender
by Gena Showalter


Published September 27, 2011 by HQN

The Darkest Surrender is about one of our favorite little harpies, Kaia, and of course our possessed Lord, Strider. Strider is possessed by the demon Defeat, so if he should lose a challenge, even one as simple as tic-tac-toe, he suffers extreme pain. Kaia is known as The Disappointment among her people. So when her and her family are called to the Harpy Games, she decides she must win. Strider has other plans. He's going to steal the first prize, an ancient godly artifact.

Will he ruin everything for Kaia or will he finally stop running from her attentions and find that he is highly attracted to her too? Will Strider lose? Will love win?

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