Reviewed by: Book Addict

Lord of the Vampires
by Gena Showalter


Published August 23, 2011 by Harlequin

In the kingdom of Elden, the evil that is the Blood Sorcerer has taken over. With their dying breath, the Queen and King each make a desperate attempt to protect their children. The Queen sends them far away to safety and the King fills them with the need for vengeance. Each of the four royal children are given a magical timepiece...

Nicolai, a vampire and the eldest of the royal siblings, was once known far and wide for his way with women. He was even given the name 'The Dark Seducer". Now the tables have turned as Nicolai has found himself in the position of a sex slave. To make matters worse, he is stuck in Delfina without his timepiece and his memory.

Each night Jane Parker is visited by a virile, sexy vampire. She is undoubtedly drawn to him and his world. The arrival of a magical book sweeps Jane from her plain, boring life into the realm of the fantastical. She's the key to Nicolai's freedom, but will she also be the key to his future?

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