Today in Supernatural SmackDown! we have two angelic guys who are more than meet the eye.
Sly, brooding Patch Cipriano is a fallen angel with an attitude. With the power to manipulate the minds of weak humans, possess them for short periods of time, and creat intricate illusions, he is not as angelic as you may think. Tall, dark and handsome, he will do most anything to protect Nora from harm.
Aaron Corbett finds out on his 18th birthday that he is a fabled Nephilim - half human, half angel. He has prophecy on his side and as he realizes his angelic side, abilities that are far beyond what he could imagine. With wings and the ability to fly, he'll leave his competition in the dust.

Who would win this Supernatural Smack Down? Comment below with who you vote for and why. We'll tally up the votes next Saturday morning and declare the winner! Be sure to check back then as we will be putting up the next smack down.
7/31/2011 02:06:50 pm

Patch! Fur sure


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