Our next match-up will be of particular interest to those YA fans out there!

Standing in this corner is Sam. During the heated summer months he is just a boy but when the winter chill comes he turns into a golden-eyed wolf. This alpha could easily be the leader of the pack if he wanted. Though he seems shy, he's dominant at heart and won't hesitate to rip someone apart if they threaten  his pack or his mate.
And in this corner is Graves. Turned against his will, this Goth boy is making the most of his new life as a loup-garou. He's loyal and protective and with his heightened senses and commanding voice, he is not someone to be crossed.

Who would win this Supernatural Smack Down? Comment below with who you vote for and why. We'll tally up the votes next Saturday morning and declare the winner! Be sure to check back then as we will be putting up the next smack down.
7/11/2011 04:23:10 am

I vote for Graves. I want a guy that stays in proper form! Also I kind of like the whole commanding, I take charge with my voice thing despite the fact that he can be a little needy.

7/11/2011 04:44:17 am

Definitely Graves!! He's a Loup Garou badass. Can. Not. Wait. For. Reckoning!

7/11/2011 04:50:50 am

I'm with Graves XD He is my favorite character in the Strange Angels series and I can't help but love his sweetness!

7/11/2011 05:16:10 am

Graves all the way. The boy has an innate sense of self-preservation. Has to if he hangs out with Dru.

On the other hand, Sam is no slouch, but I think he'd rather be a lover than a fighter.

L. j Charles

7/11/2011 07:03:26 am

Two words: command voice! Also, Sam is not a fighter unless pushed.

7/13/2011 08:30:04 am

Definitely Graves!

7/15/2011 11:00:37 am

I love both characters, but I have to go with Sam. There's just something about his inner strength.

1/4/2014 06:40:09 pm

graves <3 :D


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