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Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep


Published April 26, 2011 by Pocket Books

Tangled Threads picks up where  Venom  left off. Gin Blanco is still trying to make her relationship with Owen Grayson work. She has to continually fight the fear that he will 'wake up', realize who she really is, and leave. For his part, Owen has to continue to reassure her that he is in it for the long haul. Meanwhile, the Spider has declared war on the town Fire Elemental and is leaving her sign on dead minions all over town. Gin's baby sister Bria, a detective, is looking for the murderer and is unaware that Gin Blanco is really her big sister Genevieve Snow. Mab Monroe has hired a dangerous, deadly Electrical Elemental to take out the Spider. Will Gin be able to deal with her emotions where Owen is concerned? Will she find the guts to tell Bria who she really is? Will her Stone and Ice magic be enough to take out Mab once and for all?

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Gin Blanco, also known as the assasin Spider, has been through a lot in the three books prior to Tangled Threads. Her mentor and father figure, Fletcher Lane, was brutally murdered. Gin has inherited his business, a popular barbeque restaurant. She has semi-retired from the assasin business but that doesn't stop almost daily attempts on her life. She was rebuffed by handsome Detective Donovan Caine when he moved in an effort to get away from her. She has found something new and exciting with sexy businessman Owen Grayson, who knows her alter ego and is not turned off by her dark past. She has learned the identity of the powerful Fire elemental - Mab Monroe -  who killed her family when she was a child and the race is on to see which of them will be standing after the final showdown. Gin has met her baby sister Bria, the one she thought had died. With the help of her sidekick and foster brother, Finnegan Lane, she has taken down a fellow assasin sent to kill her, countless giants in Mab Monroe's employ, a rich playboy bent on teaching her a painful lesson, a dwarf with a sadistic streak and countless others.

Now in Tangled Threads, Gin is facing something she hasn't ever faced before: a budding relationship that is based not just on animal attraction but also on trust, respect and... love?

As the war between the Spider and Mab Monroe heats up (literally!), Gin is surrounded by death and destruction. She is NOT someone you want to cross paths with, and she will do anything to protect those she cares about. This includes her foster brother Finn, her paramour Owen and his sister Eva, her baby sister Bria, the vampire madame Roslyn and her giant boyfriend Xavier, and the dwarf sisters Jo-Jo and Sophia. You can be sure that if you make it into Gin's limited sphere, she would lay down her life for you. And this is demonstrated many times over the course of the series with many close calls.

Mab Monroe sends an Electrical Elemental, Elektra LaFleur, after The Spider. While she is trying to root out the Spider's identity, she is also going after Gin Blanco, restaurant owner, for the murder of her new lover's son. The only solution? The Spider needs to put Elektra down for good. Gin's unique powers with both Stone and Ice magic make her a formidable opponent.

I loved the fast paced action in this book. By the time you are done reading the last word on the last page, you feel a bit like you've run a marathon! Gin is a bloody good assasin. She doesn't shy away from getting a little dirty (blood washes out, right?) and she doesn't hesitate to kill when it's necessary. She's not the touchy-feely type, but she does convey her love for others, in her own way. Gin is a complex character that continues to surprise and fascinate me. I look forward to seeing her relationship with Owen develop further and for a relationship with her sister Bria to be established.

Look for more of Gin's unique skills in the upcoming book, Spider's Revenge, coming in September 2011!

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