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Clockwork Angel
by Cassandra Clare


Published August 31, 2010 by Margaret K. McElderry

Tessa Gray leaves the familiarity of home to sail across the ocean to England, in search of her brother. Once there she is immediately kidnapped by the Dark Sisters, imprisoned, and forced to practice her 'talent': the ability to shape change into another human being. A talent that she had no idea she possessed. Members of the Pandemonium Club, the sisters are preparing Tessa for a secretive, powerful man called "The Magister".

Alone in the world, Tessa is rescued by members of the Shadowhunters - a group of Nephilim who patrol and protect. They offer her a place to stay and help locating her brother in exchange for her aid by use of her powers. She soon gets to know best friends Will and Jem, and is torn between the two. Will she find her brother before The Magister finds her? Will she ever discover who she truly is? Is love in her future?

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After Tessa Gray loses her Aunt, she goes to London to find her brother - the only family she has left. She is soon kidnapped and receives a startling introduction to the Downworld and her own power as a shape changer. The Dark Sisters teach her how to harness this power, keep her locked away, and prepare her for her place by the mysterious Magister's side. Only the threat of harm to her missing brother keeps her complacent.

After an ill-fated escape attempt and just when she begins to feel all is lost, Tessa is rescued by the Shadowhunters. Leading the rescue is a handsome young man named Will. Tessa is taken to the Shadowhunters' London Institute. She is allowed to stay and offered the promise of help in locating her brother if she will use her power. The Shadowhunters are defenders of humanity - half angel/half human Nephilim. Their heavenly weapons and magical protections fascinate Tessa. They explain that the Downworld is comprised of all things supernatural: vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and demons.

Tessa is drawn to Will, though he is at times moody and almost always brooding. To look into Will's eyes is to glimpse some deep pain from his past that he refuses to share with anyone. She also comes to care for Jem, who is kind and loyal but who is also hiding a deadly secret. Will and Jem appear to be the best of friends despite Will's moodiness and Jem's illness. The Institute is run by a husband and wife team: motherly Charlotte and bumbling Henry. In addition to the boys, there is also a girl Shadowhunter, the catty Jessamine.

The Magister wants Tessa at any costs. The story unfolds with great scenes of fighting, a harsh betrayal and ... love?

Clockwork Angel was a superb read. There was a perfect balance of rich history and back story, current plots, good vs. evil, supernatural elements and teen angst. Doesn't everyone, at some point, wonder just who they are? I think that is the core of what makes Tessa such a relatable character. I loved the almost steampunk parts of the story as much as I loved the more traditional supernatural parts. The love triangle between Tessa, Will and Jem is fascinating to watch unfold and I will be looking forward to the next book with great anticipation. (A

Clockwork Prince
releases December 6, 2011.

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