Reviewed by: Book Addict

by Suzanne Collins


Published August 24, 2010 by Scholastic

District 12 has been destroyed. Katniss Everdeen and her family have survived, along with Gale. Peeta has been captured by the Capitol, whereabouts unknown. The survivors are taken to District 13, which is not the myth they've all thought it was. There is a War coming, a Revolution to be fought.

When District 13's plans come to light, Katniss realizes she has been a pawn from the start. It seems everyone has had a hand in her fate. Now the rebels look to her to assume the Mockingjay persona, to be the visual symbol of their fight. Countless lives hang in the balance, awaiting her decision. Will Katniss become the Mockingjay, despite that it might cost her her very life?

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Mockingjay is a story about the love of a family. It's a story about doing what's right, even if it kills you. It's a story about friendship and it's a story about betrayal. It's a story about war, and revolution, and death. It's a story about hope, and comfort, and life. It's even a love story, though you have to go through hell to get to the happily ever after. At its heart though, it's a story about a girl. An extraordinary girl who is brave, determined, fierce, smart, strong and loyal. It's a story about a girl who survived.

So much happens in the final book of the Hunger Games Trilogy. War has come to Panem and it seems like Katniss has no choice but to fight. Life in District 13 is regimented and uncertain. Katniss has her mother and sister, and Gale, but the loss of Peeta preys on her mind. What will his fate be in the hands of President Snow? When she is called to act, to don her Mockingjay suit and rally the people, can Katniss comply? How can she not?

As with all stories of epic proportions, there are many twists and turns to the plot. I have such a deep love and respect for this series, that I will not reveal them to you. These books were made to be enjoyed in solitude and unspoiled. If you haven't already read them, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!! You will be sucked in from Book 1, and Book 3 will leave you pondering the bigger questions in life for days to come.
Truly masterful writing.

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