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My Soul to Steal by
Rachel Vincent


Published January 1, 2011 by Harlequin Teen

Kaylee Cavanaugh has been through a lot since finding out she is a bean sidhe. She is struggling to move on after her boyfriend's betrayal, to forgive and forget. Enter Nash's ex-girlfriend, Sabine. She is a new transfer to their school and she makes it very clear to Kaylee that she still wants Nash for her own. Meanwhile someone or something is killing off teachers at the school and the Cavanaugh's newest houseguest Alec seems to be hiding something big. All is fair in love and war, but will Sabine take things too far? And how can Kaylee learn to trust Nash again? It may not matter if they can't figure out what is making everyone at the school go crazy...

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Kaylee and Nash have been through a lot together but now they are in limbo. After Nash's betrayal of her while under the influence of Demon's Breath, Kaylee is not sure she can ever trust him again. But that doesn't mean she wants someone else to have him either and that possibility is made very real with the appearance of his ex-girlfriend Sabine.

Sabine has a secret of her own - she is a living Nightmare. She feeds off of the fear she creates in nightmares and Kaylee is her new number 1 target. How will Kaylee react when confronted with her worst fears?

When the third teacher dies of 'natural' causes, Kaylee knows that something sinister is going on. Try as hard as she can, she just cannot get away from the Netherhell. And speaking of which - Alec is acting strangely and losing chunks of time. He has kept something from Kaylee and her father that will put them all in danger.

A showdown is coming between Kaylee and the hellion Avari but this time he has help. Can Kaylee and her friends triumph or will one of them be lost forever?

This is the fourth book in the Soul Screamers series. I was intrigued by the premise from the very start - female bean sidhe (that's banshees to the uninformed) who wail when death is imminent. Tod, as Nash's dead reaper brother, is my favorite character. He is sarcastic, sometimes rude but when it comes down to it, he can always be counted on. I feel like we saw some more depth to his character in this book, some secrets lurking in his swirling eyes. I felt torn about the Kaylee/Nash/Sabine triangle. There were glimpses of some tenderness and vulnerability in Sabine, but for the most part I did not like her character. I felt sorriest for Nash. Here he is going through Demon's Breath detox and his girlfriend can't trust him and his ex is trying to sabotage any ground he makes with Kaylee. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next book. I get the feeling that nothing is settled for good.

Speaking of the next book, If I Die comes out September 2011.

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