Reviewed by: Book Addict

by Josephine Angelini


Published May 31, 2011 by HarperTeen

Living in a small town like Nantucket has made it difficult for Helen Hamilton to blend into the background. She has known she's different her whole life, but it's getting harder to hide that fact from everyone else. Nightmares of walking through a desert leave her exhausted the next morning and visions of haunting women leave her wondering about her sanity. Then the Delos family moves to town, and things become even weirder. Little does Helen know that she and Lucas Delos are destined to play important roles in an ever- repeating tragedy.

Helen's history reveals some answers and a lot more questions as she is forced to re-examine things she thought only myth. The Fates have tied Helen and Lucas together but they are also pulling them apart...

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Helen Hamilton has lived in Nantucket her whole life. Raised by a loving father after her mother abandoned them both, Helen comes across as shy and reserved. In reality, she is trying her to keep the spotlight off of herself and the fact that she is not 'normal'. This becomes even more difficult when the nightmares start; nightmares of walking an endless, scorching desert. She wakes up feeling exhausted and finds her sheets scattered with dirt from her feet. There's also the three women crying bloody tears who seem to haunt her every step.

Things begin to spiral out of control with the arrival of the Delos family. Praised by others as mysterious and beautiful, the only thing Helen feels when she first meets Lucas Delos is rage. As Helen begins to unravel the mystery of her ancestry and the gifts that make her different, she falls deeper into a world she thought only a myth. There is an undeniable link between Lucas and Helen, but has Fate conspired to keep them apart? Having Demigod powers certainly puts her a step above the rest, but will it be enough to thwart her tragic destiny?

Starcrossed is the first book in a new trilogy. I loved the original, new take on the Greek Gods mythology. There was a lot of background information to this story, but Angelini did a superb job keeping it all easy to follow, giving it to us bit by bit. Helen and Lucas are so heartbreakingly tragic. This is a love story - yes. But don't expect an easy journey or a happily ever after just yet. Afterall, it is only book 1. Lucas has a big family full of eccentric, wonderful characters. You come to care about them as much as you do Lucas and Helen. Then there's Helen's Dad who is loving, and kind, if a bit overprotective and Helen's best friend Claire, who is a spunky riot.

There were a lot of twists and turns to this story and I truthfully could not put it down. The scenery is beautiful, the descriptions leap off the page to form images in your mind. I found myself wanting to know more about these people, invested in their journeys.

The wait is too long, but you can be sure I will be picking up Dreamless, the 2nd book in the series, when it comes out May 2012.
Stephanie Y.
1/16/2012 05:13:12 am

Love the Hunger Games Series!!!! I can't wait for the movie

June L
1/18/2012 01:29:42 pm

This would be a good time to get this book since the second one is coming out soon. It would be a bummer to get all into it and have to wait forever for the 3rd though.


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