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Venomous by Christopher Krovatin


Published March 8, 2011 by Atheneum

Venomous was a very good book. It's about a boy with a very serious anger problem. His name is Locke Vinette and his anger is known as 'the Venom'. It takes him over and he does things normal people just wouldn't do, violent things. Don't get me wrong - the people who suffer at the Venom's wrath pretty much deserve it but it gets Locke into a lot of trouble and scares his friends and family. But Locke's life is about to change all because of one pretty, broken Goth girl named Renée.

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Locke is your average teenage boy with a tremendous anger problem. He has pretty much kept to himself, knowing that every time he gets close to someone the Venom kicks in and ruins their lives. He's pretty much a walking bad luck charm for the people he loves. So all he has is his Mom, little brother Lonnie and best friend Randall.

Locke's best friend is a very popular guy and he tries to get Locke out of the house. They've been best friends since they were kids and Randall knows all about the Venom but doesn't really understand it. Locke has gone through therapy plenty of times and his Mom is always trying to help but the only that calms him down is, get this, chocolate milk! Awesome, I know.

Life has been pretty much the same for him: trying to control the Venom, being alone, and dreaming of himself as a hero instead of a villain at night. But everything changes when his best friend drags him to a party where he meets a beautiful Goth girl he can't stop thinking about named Renée. And her best friend is a boy with his same exact problem. Casey goes through the same change triggered by anger as Locke, only Casey calls it 'the Black'. Finally Locke has someone who understands and a girlfriend who knows about the Venom and accepts him. 

Renée has her fair share of problems too but they're better off together, helping each other. Locke has a whole new group of friends that like him as he is and include him in their Tarot group. Each member is given their own Tarot card that represents them. Locke is given the Strength card.

Life is good until the Venom gets restless. Fists fly, secrets are told, and hatred is declared. Locke must fight himself to get back all he has lost: his family, his girlfriend, and his best friends.

This book was very good, I enjoyed it greatly. Some of the things that Locke says or even thinks make me burst out laughing. Venomous is an emotional roller coaster but it's totally worth the ride.
8/16/2011 06:46:04 pm

Not sure what it is about young adults books, but I still love them!!


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