Reviewed by: Book Addict

White Cat by Holly Black


Published February 8, 2011 by Margaret K. McElderry Books

Being the only non worker in a family full of curse workers has left Cassel on the outside. When the touch of a hand means having your emotions, your memories, or your luck tampered with, you learn to be cautious. Oh, and curse work is illegal, which makes his whole family criminals including Cassel, who killed his best friend Lila.

Now he is trying his best to live a 'normal' life, as a 'regular' guy.  Reality intrudes when he begins sleepwalking during terrifying nightmare featuring a mysterious white cat. There are also his brothers, who are keeping secrets and behaving oddly. To get to the bottom of it, Cassel must unlock the memories from his past. But how do you out-con a con?

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