Review by: Book Addict

by Kiersten White

Published July 26, 2011 by HarperTeen

Evie finally has the normal life she’s always longed for. But she’s shocked to discover that being ordinary can be... kind of boring. Just when Evie starts to long for her days at the International Paranormal Containment Agency, she’s given a chance to work for them again. Desperate for a break from all the normalcy, she agrees.

But as one disastrous mission leads to another, Evie starts to wonder if she made the right choice. And when Evie’s faerie ex-boyfriend Reth appears with devastating revelations about her past, she discovers that there’s a battle brewing between the faerie courts that could throw the whole supernatural world into chaos. The prize in question? Evie herself.

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Reviewed by: Book Addict

by Andrea Cremer

Published October 19, 2010 by Philomel Books

Calla Tor's life is all planned out for her. After graduation she will be mated to fellow Alpha Ren Laroche. Forming a new pack, they will rule side-by-side, guarding the sacred sites for the Keepers and fighting the Searchers.

Saving a human's life with her powerful Alpha's blood is a huge violation of her people's laws. When Shay shows up at Mountain School, Calla begins to question everything she's ever been told.

A hard choice is coming and no matter what she chooses, someone is bound to get hurt.

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Reviewed by: Book Addict

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater


Published June 1, 2010 by Scholastic Paperbacks

For six years Sam has watched and waited. In the woods behind her house, Grace has observed the wolves. A familiar yellow-eyed wolf keeps coming back and she is sure she must know it somehow. Sam lives with his feet in two worlds. In the cold, deep winters he lives as a wolf but when the warmth of summer shines down, he returns to being a boy.
He has loved Grace from afar, but will he have the courage to approach her? Will their love be enough to keep Sam human even through the coldest days? Has Grace finally found the place where she belongs?

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