Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.  ~Author Unknown

Welcome Friends! When Pen Met Paper was created for the Romance Lover in all of us, a venue to contribute your current glee or angst.  You know the books we're talking about: the ones that make you laugh out loud in a public place; the ones that reach down deep and pull on your heartstrings and  cause tears to fall on the pages; the ones that elicit a gasp of surprise for a particularly good plot twist; the ones that make you hesitate to read the final chapter because then the story will be over; the ones that divide families and cause friends to fight because everyone has a different favorite, best hero; the ones that are so sacred the pages must be turned gently, the covers never creased and the ones that are so well-loved you could find the most read pages even in the dark. These are the books that fire our passions, make us think outside the box, take us on journeys to new and exciting places, and let us be whoever we want to be. 

Within these pages you will find reviews, (a drop down menu with genre categories) of current publications as well as some older treasures! The Author Spotlight features a monthly bio on long time favorites as well as new authors.  The Calendar tab lists new release dates (click on titles for extended details). Giveaways includes our own contests as well as author and publishers prizes! Man Candy is simply…the hotties.  Everybody needs a Hottie!  Check out the Casting Call option while you're there, where we play the 'What If' game with our favorite series. Join us every Saturday morning for a Supernatural Smack Down! where two of our favorite characters will go head-to-head. Your votes will determine the winner! Our Home page has a drop down menu for writers that outlines publisher contests and writing tips from Authors and Publishers alike. For everything else but the kitchen sink, Musings & Ramblings can be found on the same drop down menu. Be sure to check out the Archives on most of our pages for access to all of our content.  Please feel free to browse!  We welcome comments and suggestions! 

    Meet the Page Masters:

    Ms. Bliss is a voracious reader with hordes of titles in her collection. She often spends hours in the bath with her proven stress relievers: Books, Booze and Bubblebath! With a little chocolate thrown in for good measure!!

    Book Addict
      has loved reading ever since she was 5 years old. She always chose the hardest books to conquer in school and is still bummed she couldn't make it all the way through War and Peace. She can always be found with her nose stuffed into her latest and most awesome!! find.

    The Fictionista sees a good book as a temporary escape from ordinary life and, to the thrill of her husband, a chance to act out some of the *best* scenes from her favorite reads. The Fictionista believes in the intoxicating power of romance and will forever root for the bad boy.

    The Beast  is quite the trendsetter amongst her friends. She always seems to know which new books will make it big! and is sure to recommend them to everyone she meets. She loves all things paranormal, but has a soft spot for beasts in particular - both the animals and the men.

     Madame Snark is a somewhat avid reader with a penchant for pessimism and an antipathy for historical novels of any description, but a soft spot for monsters and baddies.


    All opinions expressed herein are our own. All books reviewed were done so on our own whim. Names and dates have NOT been changed to protect the poorly written. Any similarities between our reviews and those of another site are purely a case of GMTA. (Great Minds Think Alike) No copyright infringement intended.  Avoid where prohibited, or if you just find us really boring.