Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Burning Down the Spouse by Dakota Cassidy


Published July 5, 2011 by Berkley Trade

Frankie Bennett had a little meltdown – on live TV –after she found out her famous chef husband had been “heating things up” with another woman.  Now, divorcing and out of work she decides that a 6 month sabbatical –in bed-  safely hidden in her Aunt’s retirement village is just the ticket.  Fortunately – or not – her Aunt initiates an intervention courtesy of Maxine Henderson-Baker – reformed trophy wife and owner of Trophy Jobs Employment Agency.  Maxine’s mantra just happens to be “suck it up Princess”!

At Maxine’s insistence Frankie interviews for a prep chef at a Greek Diner.  A Greek Diner that boasts the Best Meatloaf in the World, a huge Greek family, and Nikos – her new boss, the Greek God!  Frankie‘s head rails at her that this is no time for a new romance…. but her heart… her heart has other ideas!

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Dakota Cassidy delivers another delightful adventure in the evolution of an ex-Trophy Wife in her newest release, Burning Down the Spouse!  Her sassy, spunky characters draw you in from the first page.  Frankie Bennett is hiding from life beneath the soft sheets of her Aunt’s guestroom bed after finding out her husband had been playing slap and tickle with another woman.  She is lost and has no idea how to change her life, nor does she want to.  Enter Maxine, owner of Trophy Jobs Employment Agency and a dear friend of her Aunt.  She will not take “no” for an answer and badgers Frankie back into the world! 

Then we have Nikos Antonakas, Frankie’s new boss at Greek Meets Eat Diner.  Nikos is drawn to Frankie from the moment he meets her.  He can’t resist hiring this cheeky woman whose vulnerability shines through no matter how much she tries to disguise it.  So begins a dance of thrust and parry as Frankie and Nikos navigate the twisting curves of discovery and evolution that encompass Frankie’s transformation from Ex Trophy Wife to a confidant, self sufficient – sucking it up- Princess!

They are accompanied on this journey by friends and family whose characters are so true to life that you will swear you have met them somewhere!  Ms. Bliss will not detail the wonderful, madcap direction this story takes to preserve it for those who have yet to indulge in this delightful read.  I will say that Dakota Cassidy poignantly weaves a tale of despair and dejection into a vibrant, witty tribute to change and resiliency!  Another Best Seller!!  Don’t miss out on this wonderful contemporary romance!

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