Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Escape to Paradise
by Pamela Yaye

Published January 31, 2012 by Kimani Romance

From the moment Santiago spots Claudia, he knows it's more than lust at first sight. And this man is used to getting what he wants. He'll wine and dine the stunning, soft-spoken Southerner with tropical nights of passion she'll never forget. But once Claudia finds out who Santiago really is, can he turn a fleeting island idyll into a passionate escape to love?

Desperate to flee the breaking scandal swirling around her ex, event coordinator Claudia Jefferies flies to exotic Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As if being pampered at an exclusive spa weren't enough, now a drop-dead-gorgeous man is showering her with attention! But Claudia's too smart to get seriously involved, especially with a heart breaker like Santiago Medina. If only her heart would listen to her head...

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Claudia Jefferies is running away from home and who could blame her.  Her ex-husband is in jail for fraud and the Securities and Exchange Commission is trying to build a case against her as an accomplice. Her assets have been frozen and the victims of her ex-husband's machinations want to form a lynch mob!  She sneaks off to Cabo San Lucas in the hopes that the furor will subside with time.  She has had it with men, especially rich men!  Or has she?  Enter Santiago, a sexy Latin heartthrob who pulls her into his life and his arms.  Can she ever really trust a man again – and what will happen when her secret is revealed?

Santiago has his own secrets.  He is enamored with Claudia from the moment he sees her in the airport lounge.  He senses her pain and knows he must tread lightly if he wants to woo this American beauty.  On his way home to Cabo to temporarily run his family’s resort, he is pleasantly surprised to find Claudia staying at the property.  A millionaire in his own right, he senses Claudia’s aversion to wealthy men and so tells her he is the hotel manager.  Can he scale the walls Claudia has built around her heart? When the truth comes out – will they have a future?

Kudos to Ms. Yaye for an original, unique, believable plot that is fast paced and well written.  Claudia’s vulnerability draws you in from the opening chapter and Santiago is the sexy, thoughtful, intelligent man that every woman dreams of.  The thread of Christianity in this book is handled lightly and with subtlety. No bible thumping here.  If you are looking for an escape of your own – look no further – Escape to Paradise!

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