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How A Cowboy Stole Her Heart
by Donna Alward


Published October 4, 2011 by Harlequin

Megan Briggs has come home to her family ranch after months of medical treatment. She’s unsure of herself and the last thing she’s looking for is love.

Clay Gregory has been friends with Megan for years. As his best friend’s little sister, she’s been a constant fixture in his life. He has missed her companionship but when he sees her all dolled up at his Aunt’s wedding, it hits him like a shot.

Can this cowboy steal her heart?

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Megan Briggs is a breast cancer survivor. Leaving everything she knows behind- her home, family and friends, for treatment was one of the hardest things she has ever done. But now she is back on the family ranch she loves. Fitting back in with her friends and family, now that’s another matter. Megan is uncomfortable in her own body and longs to spend her days with horses instead of people.

Clay Gregory has heard that Megan is back in town, and wants nothing more than to make up for the awful things he said to her the last time he saw her. As his best friend’s sister, Clay deeply treasures his friendship with Megan. He’s starting to realize, however, that his feelings are more than platonic.

Megan is convinced that all there will ever be between them is friendship, and it will take a lot of smooth talking on Clay’s part to change her mind. Even as she makes big plans for the future, Megan is afraid to live in the here and now.

How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart is a story about two friends who fall in love despite themselves. Clay’s father passed away from cancer when he was younger and this has colored his view of cancer. He knows he wants Megan, but he doesn’t think he can deal with the possibility of losing her like he did his father. Megan, for her part, is trying to take things one day at a time but is scared witless at the thought of a reoccurrence. She’s uncomfortable in her body since the mastectomy and does not see herself as beautiful anymore. Overall, I enjoyed the story. It was a quick read with a happy ending. The only negative thing I would say is there were at times too much cancer. I realize this was a pivotal part of the plot, and even the development of their relationship, but the story felt overburdened by it at times.

If you like stories about cowboys and survival, definitely pick up this book!

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