Review by: Ms. Bliss

Sultry Nights
by Donna Hill

Published March 27, 2012 by Harlequin Kumani Romance

Her Rules
Dominique Lawson lives life on her terms, making up the rules along the way. This beautiful Lawson twin and heiress to a glittering Louisiana dynasty goes after what she wants—and usually gets it. But Trevor Jackson seems immune to her charms. That's until Dominique plots her all-out sensual assault on the blatantly sexy contractor, who's as cool as they come. Now passion is heating up the Southern sky...

His Passion
Dominique may be his boss, but Trevor plans to show the pampered princess what desire is really about. Never mind that they clash on just about everything—it's only a matter of time before the blue-blooded beauty is his. Can he convince Dominique that they belong together,  now and for all the sensual nights to come?

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Dominique Lawson had never wanted for anything in her life, except perhaps some direction.  Her unending shopping sprees and party life change drastically when she decides to open “First Impressions”, a shop that puts her fashion sense to good use by offering suits and dresses to woman in need. The store is doing so well in fact that she decides to renovate the upper stories and offer more services.  Although she now has a true passion in her business, her personal life is sorely lacking.  With her sisters and her friends now married she realizes she wants something more for herself and that something is the new sexy contractor handling her renovations, Trevor Jackson!

Trevor is highly attracted to his new client Dominique Lawson but it’s an attraction that will have to remain unexplored because he’s had enough of rich socialites!  Although he has amassed his own small fortune, a fact he keeps to himself, he has been burnt in the past and has no desire to repeat his mistakes.  A solid plan, but he can’t resist the temptation of Dominique’s lips and soon the fire is out of control! What will happen when Trevor’s past comes back to haunt him?  Will Dominique understand his motives for not revealing the truth?

I really enjoyed the main characters in this book.  They each had issues to resolve and lessons to be learned – although I would have liked to see a little more depth to the conflict and resolution. The plot is well paced and there is plenty of sizzle. I also really liked the details that Ms. Hill included regarding “First Impressions” – what a wonderful idea!  If you’re tired of the winter chill – then look into Sultry Nights!

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