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The Bake-Off by Beth Kendrick


Published May 3, 2011 by NAL Trade

Meet estranged sisters Amy and Linnie. One is a family woman - wife, mother, dental hygienist. The other is a former child prodigy - smart, reserved, Blackjack dealer. A grandmother's machinations and the opportunity to win some much needed dough bring them together for an unlikely reason: a partnered baking competition. Will their pie come out the victor or will this all end in sweet disaster?

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Amy is your typical overworked, perpetually tired suburban soccer mom. She's married with two young children and helps out her dentist husband as a hygienist. When the opportunity for break arrives in the form of a baking competition, it doesn't take much to convince her to give it a try. A week in a nice hotel where she can sleep in? Amy's there!

Linnie is a super smart college dropout turned blackjack dealer. When her roommate's brother steals a pricey family heirloom, there isn't much she won't do to get it back. Her luck at the tables turns and she is desperate when her Grammy suggests a bake-off.
What the girls don't know is that they won't be partnering with their grandmother, they'll be stuck with each other!

After a rift in their childhood, Amy and Linnie are less like sisters than they are like strangers. Neither of them wants to spend time with the other, but Grammy Syl is not someone you say no to. Using a combination of love and guilt, she convinces them to give it a shot.

The bake-off is rife with competition, including a husband and wife team who will do almost anything to assure their win. There is also some romance for Linnie in the form of a handsome hotel owner. Mostly, there is a lot of mishaps, laugh out loud hilarity, and some deep sister bonding.

This book leaves you with a warm feeling in your heart. Grammy Syl is incorrigible, Amy discovers something just for her, and Linnie breaks out of her cold,  impenetrable shell. A great light read!
Joanne Schultz
8/18/2011 10:28:37 am

This book sounds great! I will have to put it on my 'to be read' list!
My sister and I have a bit of sibling rivalry, so I can relate !


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