Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Burning Down the Spouse by Dakota Cassidy


Published July 5, 2011 by Berkley Trade

Frankie Bennett had a little meltdown – on live TV –after she found out her famous chef husband had been “heating things up” with another woman.  Now, divorcing and out of work she decides that a 6 month sabbatical –in bed-  safely hidden in her Aunt’s retirement village is just the ticket.  Fortunately – or not – her Aunt initiates an intervention courtesy of Maxine Henderson-Baker – reformed trophy wife and owner of Trophy Jobs Employment Agency.  Maxine’s mantra just happens to be “suck it up Princess”!

At Maxine’s insistence Frankie interviews for a prep chef at a Greek Diner.  A Greek Diner that boasts the Best Meatloaf in the World, a huge Greek family, and Nikos – her new boss, the Greek God!  Frankie‘s head rails at her that this is no time for a new romance…. but her heart… her heart has other ideas!

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