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In Bed With A Highlander
by Maya Banks

Published August 30, 2011 by Ballantine

Ewan McCabe is the eldest of three brothers, and Laird to his people. A revenge years in the making is finally at hand. On the brink of battle, the last thing this warrior needs is to face the temptation of a blue-eyed, dark-haired lass.

Mairin Stuart is hiding a powerful secret. As the illegitimate daughter of the king, she is owed a hefty dowry and a prime piece of land. Becoming a pawn between powerful men may be out of her hands, but she can certainly fight her growing attraction to the devilishly handsome Laird McCabe. ... Can't she?

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When Mairin Stuart is abducted from the abbey where she has taken refuge, she knows that her secret has been discovered. The brutal men who've kidnapped her have also taken a young boy for ransom. Her quick thinking allows them to escape and the boy's family offers her refuge.

Ewan McCabe has many responsibilities as Laird, made more difficult by the fact that the clan is in desperate need of funds. The stage is set to finally seek revenge on those that have caused his family and his people great harm. He is thrilled when his son is returned to him whole and healthy. The last thing he expects is to find that his son's savior is a beautiful young woman. He doesn't need the distraction, but when the truth of her origins are revealed, he decides he does need her.

As their mutual enemy plots to steal Mairin back once and for all, Ewan must decide what is more important: revenge or love.

In Bed With A Highlander is the first of a new trilogy about the McCabe brothers. I have to say, I absolutely loved this book. Mairin is no wilting flower and her great strength is a perfect match to the warrior in Ewan. And while Laird McCabe is a no-nonsense kind of man who expects his orders to be followed, he is also surprisingly tender and very protective of those he considers his. I loved Mairin's propensity to blurt out whatever she was thinking and the way she treated Ewan's son as her own from the very beginning. I also really liked Ewan's brothers. I look forward to reading about their happily-ever-afters as well. There was the perfect amount of Highland warring, secret threats, and passionate love scenes.

Seduction of A Highland Lass, book 2, is out now. Book 3, Never Love A Highlander releases October 25th.

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