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Seducing the Governess
by Margo Maguire


Published February 22, 2011 by AVON

A woman with an uncertain future. A man with a scarred past. Mercy Franklin is in dire straights with no one to turn to. When her parents die, leaving her with little money and no place to go, she is forced to seek employment as a Governess. Nash Farris has come home from a long war career to become the new Lord Ashby. He has a mismanaged sheep business, an estate in disrepair, and a young orphaned niece. It's not a good idea, but Nash just can't help Seducing the Governess.

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Nash Farris, Lord Ashby, is a man with both physical and emotional wounds. Both of his older brothers have died in untimely incidents, leaving him the heir and new Lord. Ashby Hall has not been well kept, the books are a mess, the servants have been replaced with former loyal soldiers, and he has a timid niece who he is now responsible for. In steps beautiful Mercy Franklin, who is to be Emmy's new Governess.

Mercy Franklin lived her entire life with the belief that she was the daughter of Reverend Franklin and his wife. A belief that was shattered by her 'mother's' deathbed confession: Mercy had been left on their doorstep when she was just a small girl. Now she has little money and nowhere to go. An ad placed in the paper is answered with a job opportunity as a Governess.

Her arrival at Ashby Hall makes quite an impression, especially on it's enigmatic Lord. Their attraction is instantaneous but she, being a Reverend's daughter has been warned of the dangers of lust, and he, having responsibilities has to marry for money to improve his holdings and land.

Mercy's tender heart, an awesome thing in the face of her stiff, unloving upbringing ensures that everyone who gets to know her, loves her. She helps Emmy break out of her shy shell and even facilitates a mend in Emmy & Nash's relationship.

I loved how they fall in love despite no foreseeable future and against all common sense. The power of one woman's strength and compassion was beautifully depicted in this story. They get their very deserved happy ending in the form of an astonishing plot twist. ;) It was a very good read!

Look for the next book from Margo Maguire, Brazen, coming out December 2011.

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