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Sins of a Highland Devil
by Sue-Ellen Welfonder


Published January 1, 2011 by Forever

The Glen of Many Legends is a mystical place shrouded in history. The clans who call it home would do anything to retain it. When the King decrees a battle to the death to determine ownership of the glen, these proud Highlanders can do nothing but comply. Fierce and ruthless, James 'The Devil' Cameron will do whatever it takes to see his clan's victory. Even if that means staying far away from the temptation that is Catriona MacDonald. Each encounter leaves them burning, but what would it take to turn these sworn enemies into lovers?

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Sins of a Highland Devil is the first book in a new trilogy. A death leaves the Glen of Many Legends without a clear possessor. To determine this once and for all, the King decides all three of the Glen's clans must fight a battle to the death. Whichever clan has the most men still standing at the end will be the victor. To refuse means expulsion from their beloved homeland.

James Cameron, Chief of the Camerons, is known as 'The Devil'. He will use his fearsome reputation and ruthless determination to ensure his clan's victory at any cost - even to himself. His burning attraction for his enemy's sister is a distraction he can ill afford.

Catriona MacDonald is as drawn to The Devil as she is irritated by him. His mocking eyes and handsome smile are enough to drive her mad! She should be concentrating on her kinsmen's welfare as the day of battle approaches but she cannot expel thoughts of James from her mind.

There are many bumps in the road to their happily ever after: the bloody battle, a mysterious cloaked figure, and the fact that they are sworn enemies.

I admit that this book had a slow start for me but by the end I was fully invested in James and Catriona's relationship. There was intrigue and mystery - who is the cloaked figure seen lurking about? There was a powerful compact between friends. There was a magical, intelligent stag and a pair of old, faithful hounds. There was a love that, by all accounts, should be denied. The end of the story felt like just the beginning for these two and I am looking forward to reading book two. A great historical read!

Book 2 in the trilogy, Temptation of Highland Scoundrel, is out now.
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This sounds great! I'll soon be stocking my Kindle for an upcoming road trip, and your reviews will come in very handy. :-)
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