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Swept Away By A Kiss
by Katharine Ashe


Published July 27, 2010 by AVON

Lady Valerie Monroe longs to return home to England, and the people she loves. But the journey home proves to be the journey of a lifetime when she is taken captive by ruthless pirates.
Viscount Steven Ashford is close to fulfilling his mission of ruin and revenge. Nothing can get in the way of his carefully laid plans. Nothing but the beautiful temptress Lady Valerie. Will he be able to resist her seductive charms? Will the secrets of his past come back to haunt him?

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Her father is now dead and her two year exile in America is over. Lady Valerie Monroe is headed back home to England - to her brother and her best friend. On the boat which is to carry her there she finds an unlikely attraction to a French priest. Try as she might, as ashamed as she feels, she cannot deny the spark that flares between them.

Viscount Steven Ashford is in disguise. His meticulous plans are all set into motion and he is on the cusp of finding the proof he needs to bring final ruin to a dangerous criminal. He doesn't expect the punch of lust every time he is near Lady Valerie, nor does he expect her to be caught up in his intrigue.

From the high seas to an English country retreat, Valerie and Steven's love is put to the test. The lies of his past start to catch up to him and Valerie is there to see every one. There is a treacherous game afoot and the only way Steven knows to protect her is to push her thoroughly and painfully away. But Valerie is as stubborn as she is determined to make Steven hers - forever. There is mystery, romance, heartache, and finally- a beautiful resolution.

It's a wonderful tale of a scandalous young woman and a jaded man who come together.
Valerie and Steven's developing relationship is much like a beautiful dance - they come together, are drawn apart, and come together again. The way their love story is written is at times heartbreaking. There are many obstacles they must overcome to reach their happily ever after including secrets, lies, a murdering criminal, and even themselves. There is just enough pathos to deeply engage the reader, but not too much to make the reader frustrated. A wonderful story!

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