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The Treasure Keeper
by Shana Abé


Published April 27, 2009 by Bantam Dell

Zoe Cyprienne Lane has broken the fundamental law of her kind - she has left the protection of her home. She searches for her lost fiancé with the aid of her unique Drakon gifts.

Lord Rhys Langford, second son of the Alpha, has been captured. The enemy holds him in an unknown location, torturing him body and soul.

A deep psychic link connects them both, but will this last lifeline be enough to save Rhys?

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Zoe Lane is tired of waiting around, alone. When her fiancé goes missing in the Carpathian Mountains on an important mission, she breaks her kind’s biggest law and leaves the protection of Darkfrith. You see, Zoe is a fabled Drakon - a shape shifting dragon. Zoe puts her amazing Gift (the ability to become invisible) to use in her search. As she follows the trail, she comes into contact with abducted Rhys Langford.

Rhys is strangely connected to Zoe, his first love. Though he knows she is promised to another, he cannot help coveting her for himself.

Their journey is full of danger - powerful enemies that want them dead, or worse. Secrets are revealed and plots are twisted; a wild, exciting ride!

I have loved each of the previous three books in Abé’s Drakon Series but The Treasure Keeper is my favorite so far. There is something very refreshing about a hero who chases his heroine. The special link between Rhys and Zoe is truly magical. The world of the Drakon is sensual, mythical and powerful. For all that these dragons are extraordinary beings, they are also completely relatable and human. Zoe’s strong and independent nature is perfect for Rhys’s wounded body and soul.

The Time Weaver, book 5, is available now.

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