Post by: Ms. Bliss
When I was teenager.. I found the world of written romance and never looked back.  I spent years buried behind the covers of Harlequin Monthly Romances and then mainstream romance and adventure series as well as Best Sellers.  As the years progressed my romantic and paranormal propensities have remained.  So I wonder…do our favored genres affect our lives?? If we indulge in Historical Romance are we predisposed to appreciate our history?  If we indulge in Paranormal are we more open to the belief  that here is life beyond the confines of our ordinary life?  Are we more open to the belief that there are spirits or ghosts or perhaps even aliens?  If we embrace the horror story are we more tolerant of the obscenities of the world? If we favor the erotic… are we more inclined to embrace the wilder side of life?  Does our favorite reading material reflect our opinions… our revelations of life?  If we indulge in true romance does it affect our relationships?  Do we develop unrealistic expectations of our romantic ties?

I prefer to believe that we broaden our horizons…. that our reading material opens new avenues. .new awareness of life and the our trial and tribulations… the failures and the successes.  Are we more open to the unexplained?  I certainly think so…  Do we embrace the new and exciting and the old and familiar? 

From personal experience I can definitely avow that my love of reading and my choices of genre have expanded my horizons! 
What are your beliefs????

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