This week's Supernatural Smack Down features two Demon/Vampire hybrids.
In this corner is Wraith. This half Seminus demon, half vampire is tall, dark, and deadly. He's a tortured hero with a self destructive streak, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't kill for his brothers or his woman. He's sexy, sarcastic and loves a good fight.
And in this corner we have Malkom. He is a Vemon - part vampire, part demon. Living in the Demon plane has made him ruthless, fearless, and determined. Enemies beware: It would be a mistake to turn your back, especially if his witch is in danger.

Who would win this Supernatural Smack Down? Comment below with who you vote for and why. We'll tally up the votes next Saturday morning and declare the winner! Be sure to check back then as we will be putting up the next smack down.
Dezi Gentile
7/16/2011 12:56:04 pm

oooooh good one i dunno who i would go with...... umm i would probably say Malkom

7/16/2011 03:18:38 pm


7/16/2011 04:51:38 pm


Kaila Quinones
7/16/2011 05:37:28 pm

WRAITH It's really a no Brainer Wraith can't be killed He is a Marked Sintenal

Niki Beetison
7/18/2011 01:00:16 am

WRAITH definately and he would have fun while he wins with loads of great snarky comments. Plus he cant be killed he's a marked sentinel !


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