Reviewed by: Ms. Bliss

Twilight Prophecy by Maggie Shayne


Published April 19, 2011 by Mira

Brigit and James Poe believe they are the prophesied twins who can save their race from complete annihilation.  Part human, part vampire James has tried to ignore his vampire ties, choosing to use his gift to save lives.  The coming Armageddon forces him to revisit his moral code and bring Professor Lucy Lanfair into a war she wants no part of.

Terrified and resentful, she soon realizes it is her destiny to help this immortal race.  She must use her talents and her heart if she is to save this powerful immortal. Can she stop a war that will destroy his race?  Can she stop her heart from loving – a vampire? Can the power of love prove strong enough – to save them all?

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Maggie Shayne has once again expertly delivered us into the world of the vampires.  With her 50th book published this year it would be understandable, as with some other famous authors, if her writing might occasionally be a bit formula driven and- dare I say – stale.  Not so with Maggie Shayne, or with her latest offering, Twilight Prophecy

The depth of her characters quickly draws us into their lives, endearing us with their passion and determination. So called “mongrel” twins, Brigit and James Poe are unique to their race.  Prophecy heralds them as one light, one dark; one the destroyer and one the salvation.  James has lived his life in the light, denying his vampire instincts and using his gift to heal children and those in need.  Brigit has lived her life embracing the dark side and honing her gift of laser eyed death.  The prophecy foretells of the annihilation of their race and they must decipher the ancient tablet that holds the key to survival.

Professor and Scholar Lucy Lanfair can give them the knowledge they seek.  Her own “death” and “resurrection” along with the terrifying discovery that vampires really do exist spin her world out of control.  Pressed into service against her will, terrified and confused, she must decipher the ancient tablet and the location of the remains of Utanapishtim, the first vampire.  When she learns that James and his people believe that Utanapishtim will save their race and that James intends to re-animate him,  she is intent on changing his mind. 

When vigilantes begin rioting and burning down any residence they suspect might house a vampire things really heat up! A dangerous race against time ensues with so many twists and turns it will leave you breathless!  Lucy comes to realize that James is determined to do anything to save his race, a race she has begun to understand and care for greatly.  James regrets distancing himself from his vampire family and believes saving his race is his true calling.  Brigit believes she has no true calling…. but will the fates and the prophecy reveal a very different story for this dark warrior? 

Although I would normally reveal a more detailed plot line in my review, there is so much magic between the pages of Twilight Prophecy that I will temper my tampering.  Although our hero and heroine are bonded by love the vampire world is still in peril – so watch for the release of Twilight Fulfilled – out this October!  Maggie Shayne’s books, while part of a series, are also a perfect stand alone read.  Although once you experience the Twilight World you will scurry in haste to purchase the rest of the series!  For those of us who are long time fans it is always an added pleasure to revisit some of our beloved characters in each new publication!  I can’t wait for more of this Twilight Fanatsy!  Come on October!!!!

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6/25/2011 03:01:12 am

Loved this book!

6/25/2011 06:17:56 am

I really like this series! The woman are all strong and driven.

6/30/2011 05:03:34 am

I agree about the women and I especially liked Brigit. She is so gonna kick it in the next book!

7/3/2011 03:18:01 pm

Wow. Thank you so much. I'm humbled.


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